How to beat the bookies

It is not enough to know how to beat a bookmaker's office once or several times. Winning regularly is necessary for constant profits. To make money from betting, you need to understand the bookmakers' operating principles, stick to the betting game and financial strategy and comprehensively analyze the events. In this case, it is realistic to make regular profits from the BK, because of the probability of winning increases.

Principles of bookmaker betting

Betting on sports is not gambling, but the working principle is similar to that of a casino. In betting also win at the expense of those who lose. And the winner, as a rule, is the bookmaker.

Unlike casinos, professional players rely on knowledge and skills, because a positive result depends on the ability to predict the outcome of a sporting event. Initially, it seems that everything is simple - the motivation of the opponents, the composition of teams, statistics, the place of the match and other obvious points are taken into account. This is a trap for the beginner who does not doubt the superiority of the bookmaker.

Only 2% of the people who make money on bets all the time. To understand the reason for the sad statistics for players, you need to know the principles of the betting business.

The basic term in betting is the odds. It reflects the mathematical probability of an event. Read here how the offices calculate the odds. Depending on the amount of betting on the outcome, let's say the home team's victory, the probability of their victory increases and the odds, respectively, decreases. If bettors bet on the guests' win, then the odds on the home team's success increase markedly. This is not profitable for the bookmaker, so he forms the probability in such a way as to make sure to go in the plus.

The problem is that the mathematical probability rarely corresponds to the real one. It is not the opinion of the majority, even if reasoned, but many other factors that influence the result of the match. Even the underdog at home has the advantage. However, the novice player thoughtlessly places a bet, thinking that it is the most obvious. The probability increases because of ill-considered bets, which is what the office needs.

Is it really possible to beat the bookmaker?

It is possible to beat the bookmaker's office, but the task is complicated by the margin. It is the bookmaker's commission that gives the office almost one hundred per cent profit at any event outcome. To understand margin, let's look at the example of flipping a coin.

Analyzing sporting events. A successful game in the bank lies in the analysis of duels. The prediction should not rely solely on statistics, although it is taken into account in the analysis. It is important to approach the study of the match from all sides, taking into account many factors.

1. Motivation

In sports there are many examples when the underdogs beat the favourites. More often than not, it was due to over-motivation. When a club is at risk of relegation, if it does not score points, the athletes find extra strength and win.

Analyze in detail the principal confrontations and derbies. In these matches, the teams show their best efforts. Usually, the position in the standings and the form does not mean anything, the motivation and the fighting spirit come out on the forefront.

2. Position in the table

The standings are valuable for bettors when at least the third part of the season is played. It is foolish to look at the table after the offseason. Clubs staff up or lose key players, so after the break, can show a completely different level.

3. Form of opponents. Study the last 5-6 matches. Pay attention to the performance at home and away, the difference of goals scored and conceded. It is better to watch the reviews to have a realistic idea of the teams' capabilities.


The outcome is influenced by the length of the bench, the number of injured and disqualified players. Watch the condition of the leaders and players, the loss of which changes the tactics and the way the whole team plays.

5. Tournament Significance.

For some teams, playing in a particular tournament is an extra burden, so they play in the second squad or lose deliberately. For example, English clubs will prefer the domestic championship or the National Cup instead of the Europa League. In this way, they unload the calendar and focus on more important tasks.

6.Team atmosphere

It's problematic for an outsider to know what the atmosphere is like inside the team. However, by studying team news and interviews with players, coaches and club employees, you can uncover interesting details.

These are the key factors. In addition to them, the weather, referees, meeting place, championship statistics, the length of the move and other things are taken into account. It is the correct parsing of matches that gives some advantage over the bookie. Everyone can learn to analyze sporting events because it is not an innate skill, but an acquired one.

Maintaining a gambling bank

There are many financial strategies for betting. The most common one is flat: a fixed bet amount or a fixed percentage of the bank. In the first case, the betting amount stays the same, whether the deal turns out to be successful or not. In the second case, the bet amount varies depending on the current size of the bankroll.

Start with this kind of bankroll management, eventually adjusting the system to your own needs. Do not bet wah-bank (the entire amount on one outcome or match), because there is no such thing as a hundred per cent result. If you want to beat the office, never bet more than 10% of the bank, under any circumstances.

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